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Taking Care of Your Body from the Inside and Out

We often talk about what we can do to heal our body and optimize our health by what we eat and put inside our body.  While most healing does come from within, there is a new and natural way Vibrant Living is helping thier patients restore their natural beauty and optimize skin health.

Vibrant Living is proud to announce the launch of EVANHEALY all natural skincare line.

For years our Naturopaths have been recommending Evanhealy products.  After so many success stores and the out pore of unbelievable testimonials of how these products have transformed the skin health of our patients we wanted to make it more accessible to everyone but offering the full line.

Evanhealy products are fantastic for anyone wanted an ALL natural skincare line free of preservatives, harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

Evanhealy offers products to help treat:

  • dry, oily, sensitive, problematic or acne prone skin
  • eczema, psoriasis, rosacea
  • repair damage caused by sun, pollutants, aging and inflammation
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • healing of scars
  • preserve youthful vibrant skin

To learn more about Evanhealy products and their philosophy please visit  www.evanhealy.com

Please stay tuned for an up-coming FREE skincare seminar that will be presented by your naturopaths this fall.