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Don’t Let Vacation Set You Back!!

I have been getting many questions lately about vacations, so I thought I would address it in this week’s blog. We all need, deserve and should take vacations…however we need to keep in mind that the majority of people will gain 10lbs in a week.

Now, those of you who have been working with me know that very rarely can you LOSE 10lbs in a week. So, with respect to vacation here is the trick…your goal is weight maintenance. Enjoy yourself, indulge but keep your healthy eating and exercise habits through your whole vacation.

Breakfast Tips

Many times it is really easy to start the day off right. Instead of choosing those high glycemic foods such as the waffles, donuts, bagels, toast – choose an omelet or fresh fruit and yogurt. If you just have to eat the waffles, then do it 1-2times per week instead of everyday…your waistline will thank you!

Eating Frequently

When people are away they tend to sleep in, have a huge breakfast and then a huge dinner drink lots of alcohol and don’t exercise…so it is no wonder that people gain 10lbs. The key is to keep eating frequently. Take a piece of fruit, nuts/seeds or some veggies as a snack. When we travel, we either bring protein and energy bars with us, or find a grocery store as soon as we get there to buy fresh fruit, veggies and nuts. If you are at a resort, take an extra piece of fruit for a mid morning and afternoon snack. If you sleep in, it is important to not get in the pattern of only eating 2 meals per day.

Watch your Extras

I know you are on vacation, but that doesn’t mean that the whole week can be a no holds barred eating frenzy. You need to pick and choose what you really want to splurge on. Sometimes we get into a pattern where the food is there, so you just eat it…you don’t really totally enjoy it, but you just eat it. Pick the things that you really enjoy. For some it might be dessert, for others it might be the fruity drinks with the pink umbrellas (frankly these are my favourites) or an ice cream cone. Indulge and enjoy in moderation.


One of the easiest ways to keep that weight off is to keep your exercise habits up. Usually the all inclusive resorts have great gyms, which are surprisingly totally empty!! Structured exercise is the easiest way to keep burning off those extra calories that you are consuming in a day. Try to get there every day, or take one of the classes that are offered. I remember when we were in Dominican Republic they had great pool aerobic, and a yoga/stretching class on the beach. Try something you would never experience at home, like a salsa class…it is a great way to have fun and burn extra calories.

If you are touring a town or city, try going for a run or walk to explore the town. When my husband and I were in Australia and New Zealand for our honeymoon the first thing we would do is put on our running shoes and grab our camera and some money for a drink and go explore. You can see great sites, learn the layout of the city and get a great, fun workout.

Enjoy your vacation, just keep in mind that you don’t want to undo all the weight loss or progress that you have made in one week.