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What Kind of Calories Are Lurking In Your Morning Coffee?

Lets face it, many of us (including myself) enjoy a good cup of coffee. Some drink coffee for the taste, others to wake up or for some it is just a habit or break from the daily grind. It has become a social thing for us, we have coffee at meetings, functions and often meet friends and chat over a steaming hot cup of “joe”.

While there have been many studies that have reaped the benefits of a good organic free trade cup of coffee, what we are putting in this coffee is another story.

Lets look at the hidden calories in coffee that are contributing to our ever growing waste lines.

Hidden Calories

Coffee itself has virtually no calories, however very few of us will drink our coffee black.

The new guidelines are suggesting that we limit our added sugar intake to no more than 100 calories for women and 150 calories for men a day.

  • 1 tsp or packet of sugar = 20 calories
  • 1 pump of flavoured coffee syrup  = 20 calories (usually there are 3-4 pumps/drink)
  • Whip = 60-110 calories

Lets look at some of the sugar in your favourite drinks:

  • Grande Chai Tea Latte Starbuck – 8 tsp sugar, 128 calories of added sugar
  • Grande Green Tea Latte – 91/2 tsp sugar, 152 calories of added sugar
  • Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte – 41/2 tsp sugar, 72 calories of added sugar
  • Hot Chocolate – 6 tsp sugar, 96 calories of added sugar
  • 14oz Iced Cap from Tim Hortons – 11 ½ tsp sugar, 184 calories of added sugar
  • 10oz Hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons – 9 ½ tsp sugar, 152 calories of added sugar

If you have these occasionally, no problem..we can all indulge. However, if you are having these on a daily basis you need to consider how much extra sugar you are pumping through your system!

Artificial Sweeteners, They’re Better, Right?

So what about the no sugar syrups or artificial sweeteners? We know that long term intake of these things is not natural or good for your health. They have been associated with many neurological conditions, as well as aggravating certain neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

We suggest that you use real sugar in moderation.

If you are a “double double” person, consider this…

One Suggestion

If you drink a 10oz “double double” you are consuming 150 more calories than if you drink black coffee. If that is too extreme, switching to double milk and double sugar will reduce your calories by 40 per 10oz cup.

What if you stopped the sweet and just added a single milk? You would save 130 calories per 10oz cup.   You have to ask yourself…if you are drinking that double double, are you drinking it because you like the taste of coffee, or sugar?

Saving this 120 calories every day is significant, as it has been shown that as little as a 100calories more a day than your body requires will put on 10lbs per year.

Make a conscious choice of where your calories and added sugars are coming from!!