Seven Shores Green Smoothie Challenge

Seven ShoresGreen Smoothie 5 Day Challenge – October 12th to 16th

We challenge you to join us and Seven Shores and drink one Green Smoothie each day for 5 Days – starting after Thanksgiving Weekend from Tuesday Oct.12th to Saturday Oct. 16th.   See how you feel after … we will have a follow up on facebook.

Benefits to the Seven Shores Green Smoothie Challenge:

  1. Creating a Habit of Drinking Green Smoothies
  2. To help begin building our Immune Systems for the winter
  3. To have Increased Energy all day long
  4. To use the kale, spinach, carrots and other greens, veggies and fruit from our local farms … the combinations taste great … you have to try it!!

How the Seven Shores Green Smoothie challenge works:

  • Each day Seven Shores Cafe will make a fresh green smoothie for you in a 946ml (32oz.) Mason Jar.
  • Cost is $35 for 5 Green Smoothies (pre-payment can be made in cafe)
  • Pick up Smoothie in the Cafe anytime between 7am and 7pm
  • Return your mason jar the next day and receive your next smoothie
  • A chart will be in the cafe – tracking your number of smoothies consumed
  • On Saturday 16th receive recipes of the 5 smoothies
  • If you have a juicer at home and would like to do it yourself – we can provide the produce, juice and recipes for you to pick-up on Tuesday – $25 fee.

Information Night (location – Cafe): Thursday October 7th from 7pm to 8pm:

To know more about Building up Your Immune System and the Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies – Come and Listen to Kristijana Rakic, ND – You will also have a chance to sample a green smoothie and ask any questions about the challenge.

Seven Shores Cafe is about using local and organic produce and other products on their menu in support of the local farmer and keeping the food fresh and nutritious.  The challenge is during the time of National Organic Week – supported by Canadian Organic Growers – Waterloo Chapter  The greens and veggies used to make the smoothies will be coming from our local organic farms:  Pfennings, Fertile Ground and Transpire Organic Farm!

Any questions please email or call 519.342.0916