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4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new and improved website!

  1. Anon:>>But Singapore has a high savings rate… which claelry goes against your point – “At the end of the day, your savings is about zero.”>>Me:Again, a flawed argument (used by PAP). Technically, we have high savings rate. Our CPF. But our CPF is locked up. The very poor cannot use it for daily expenditure. If you notice, one of the issues discussed in the 1990s was the point that in spite of the high CPF savings rates, we will face a problem with the baby boomers upon retirement. These boomers will not have enough savings for their retirement, because….where is the govt going to get all the liquidity to release the funds?So govt, allowed your CPF funds to be released early by 1) allowing CPF to be used for private property 2) allow investments. But #1 was a bad idea, because suddenly, due to high liquidity in CPF to be used in private properties, those properties shot up sky high. That also affected high end HDB flats like HUDC and Executive flats. No need to tell you 5 rooms followed. then 4 rooms got pulled in. And finally your bread and butter 4 room flats!As for #2, that created a bubble for all sorts of investment products. Suddenly all the fund houses, banks and insurance companies are after the huge retirement funds. To make matters worse, govt put up a min sum upon retirement. Note that the min sum to be retained gets higher and higher. Finally, they now make annuity a must. So all your savings for your retirement (originally to be released at 55), are held back by the govt. What good is that, if the savings are kept away from you?>>Not forgetting that in the European countries with high taxes coupled with social welfare, there is a missing factor in the equation. And that is debt.>>Me:Please do not forget that the PAP is not transparent. It is not that we are not in debt. It is that we are not made known if we are. But if you look at the news, we have made much losses in many investments. Now PAP would say that is private money because GIC is private. Heck, that “private” money GIC uses, came from OUR public funds in the first place, no?>>Although their system is presently better or rather more beneficial, in the future when debts levels are no longer sustainable, the welfare system will start to unravel (as it has already started). At that point of time, it’s either a cut in welfare or a large increase in taxes.>>Me:Again, you are listening to politicians’ talk. Yes, certain parts of Europe and especially America are in deep shit. But that does not mean we are not. >>So… bottom line is that there is no free lunch. There is no such thing as low taxes with social welfare for eternity. It may last maybe at most 50-100 years. Then that free lunch starts to rot. >>Me:My bottom line is being in a place where I can retire comfortably. In places like NZ, Australia or Canada, if you can’t afford the high pace, high cost city life, you go the country, where life is slower and cost is lower. In Singapore, if you want to wind down your costs, you can do nothing, because there is no other life than the fast paced, high cost life.

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